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A teen boy reportedly died while he was taking an early morning toilet stop on the side of a New Zealand road at around 2.40 am on Thursday, Jan. 19.

The deceased boy, identified as 19-year-old Cameron Cumming, was traveling in a car with a group of friends when they stopped for a toilet stop in the dark along the Tairua Whitianga Rd in Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand on Thursday, Jan. 19. However, Cumming lost his footing by the side of the motorway and fell into a creek which runs directly alongside the road, 7NEWS Australia reported.

After the teen fell into the river, emergency services were reportedly alerted to an incident in which a person was missing in a body of water. Following this, fire crews responded to the call-out along with an ambulance to recover and treat the young man. In total, three fire trucks were sent from nearby Whitianga and Cumming’s body was recovered.

Following the incident, New Zealand police confirmed the teen's death in a “water-related incident” early on Jan. 19 and offered their condolences to Cumming's family, Daily Express reported.

“Police’s thoughts are with his family and friends,” New Zealand police said.

According to local residents, Cumming had hit his head while falling into the water.

"It was an absolute tragedy and I feel for his family but also the friends with him. His friends were frantically trying to find him but they haven’t been able to so they’ve called emergency services straight away," residents in the area said.

Gene and Nicole Bryant who worked in construction along with Cumming's said that the teenager had been like a "second son" to them. Bryant said that Cumming had begun working for the couple for work experience before taking up a job.

"I’m still in shock after the news. [I’m] still trying to call your phone and expecting you to pick up like normal," Gene Bryant said.

"[I’m} proud of who you had become. You still had a lot to give and a lot to learn."

According to Bryant, Cumming was discovered to have suffered a "huge gash on his head in the water" when his body was discovered.

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