A 17-year-old attempted to end her life by throwing herself under a speeding train after her mother refused to let her continue her studies.

The incident happened on Sunday, July 25, in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

According to the police, the teen girl ran away from her home on Sunday night, after having a heated argument with her mother over her education. The mother reportedly didn’t want her daughter to continue her studies.

"Due to her mother’s refusal to let her continue her higher education, the girl attempted to commit suicide on Sunday night," South Central Railway (SCR) zone’s Vijayawada division spokesperson, Nusrat Mandrupkar said, the Orissa Post reported.

The teen girl jumped onto the railway tracks as the Vishakapatnam-Kadapa special train approached the Nuziveedu Railway Station.

However, two railway officials, Station Officer Rajasekhar and trackman C. Pavan Kumar, who were night patrolling the area as they waited for the train’s arrival, spotted the teen and managed to pull her out of the tracks in the nick of time.

"Rajasekhar and Kumar courageously rushed to the spot to rescue the girl and cautioned the locomotive pilot through hand signals. Both of them pulled the girl back onto the platform in a swift manner, while the train was about a distance of about 10 feet," Mandrupkar said.

After the rescue, the teen girl was escorted to the waiting lounge where she was consoled and the police were informed.

Railway police officers responded to the scene and inquired about the reason behind the teen’s decision to kill herself. She narrated her ordeal to the officers after which the authorities informed the girl’s parents. The teen was later reunited with her family.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a pregnant teen killed herself by jumping in front of a speeding train. On July 19, the 17-year-old left home early morning telling her sister that she was leaving for work. But the girl instead went to the railway tracks and jumped in front of a speeding train between Nahur and Mulund stations in Mumbai, India.

The railway police found the teen’s body and sent it for an autopsy. Following a preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the teen was at least four to five months pregnant.

However, the victim’s family alleged they were not aware the girl was pregnant and believed her stomach had bloated due to "some health issues".

The teen's 17-year-old boyfriend has been arrested after the victim's sister filed a complaint accusing him of rape and abetment to suicide.

The exact motive behind the teen's decision to end her life is unclear at this time. Police said the case is being investigated.

Teenager suicide
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