A Mississippi Lyft driver was shot seven times on Tuesday, Nov. 2, allegedly by her 17-year-old passenger.

The victim, 36-year-old Brandy Littrell says she is grateful to be alive after her teen passenger, identified as Dontarius Magee opened fire at her.

Littrell had picked up Magee on Tuesday from the Spring Lake apartments in Byram, reports said.

According to Deputy Chief Deric Hearn, the driver took her teen passenger to an apartment complex off of McWillie Circle, where he allegedly pulled out a gun, took possession of her Black Dodge Journey, and then kidnapped her at gunpoint.

"He wanted my PIN number to my phone, my debit cards, and wanted to know how much money I had in the bank, and wanted to know what was in my house," Littrell told WAPT.

"I gave him whatever he wanted because I was just trying to stay alive."

Police said Magee drove her to a wooded area off of Beasley Road and made her crawl into the area and fired several shots at her.

"He said, 'Get on your knees.' So, I got on my knees, and then I heard the first shot," Littrell said.

She said as soon she heard the gunshot she fell over on the ground.

"I was trying to cover my face in case he kept shooting, which of course, he did," Littrell said

Magee then fled with the car leaving Littrell in the woods.

She said she thought she was going to die there but realized she was alive when she felt blood dripping off her face.

She then managed to run to a nearby apartment complex, from where an ambulance transported her to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, according to the outlet.

"It took every strength in me because, at this point, I am concerned (because) my grandmother is at my house, and I was worried he was going to go after her," Littrell said.

Littrell is undergoing treatment at the hospital and is recovering, the report said.

Magee was arrested and charged for carjacking, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. He is being held in jail without bond, police said.

"He did confess to the crime. He did confess to calling the female up for the Lyft driver," Hearn said. "It is my understanding through our interview with this individual, this is not the first time this has occurred."

The officer said Magee might also be a suspect in additional robbery cases.

"I'm just grateful my family is OK, that they were not harmed," Littrell said.

Responding to the incident, Lyft issued a statement on Wednesday.

"The incident described is horrific and our hearts go out to Ms. Littrell and her loved ones. We've reached out to offer our support, have permanently removed the rider from the Lyft community, and stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation. We're also exploring ways to expand the use of certain safety features and alerts to help prevent these kinds of incidents moving forward," the statement read.

A Lyft passenger has been accused of murdering a driver of the carpool service before proceeding to then drive the still-bloodstained vehicle to travel to a family function in Indianapolis on Thursday, June 30. This is a representational image. Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

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