A 17-year-old boy reportedly shot a convenience store employee after an argument ensued between them over a bag of chips.

On Saturday, April 23, at around 1 p.m, the victim, who works as a clerk at the Friendly Way convenience store located in the 900 block of South Florida Avenue in DeLand, got into a verbal dispute with a 17-year-old customer over the price of a bag of chips.

The argument reportedly escalated and soon turned physical, during which the teenage customer, in a fit of rage, allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the store worker in the leg, New York Post reported.

Following the shooting, the owner of the business called 911 for immediate assistance.

“Hurry up, hurry up please,” he frantically told an emergency dispatcher.

Following the incident, the wounded victim, who has not been named, was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford for treatment. He was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, the gunman was identified as 17-year-old Tyrique Matthews. On Tuesday, April 26, police officers appealed to the public and sought help tracking down the gunman.

“He is considered to be armed and dangerous,” police warned those who may encounter him. “Do not approach him.”

Barely 24 hours later, the police department announced that Matthews had turned himself in.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a tea seller allegedly killed one of his customers for not paying enough money for tea in Arepo, Ogun State, southwestern Nigeria, Latin Times reported.

The victim, identified as Musa, reportedly bought a cup of tea from the accused, Hamidu, and paid only 40 Nigerian Naira (US$0.096) instead of the beverage's real price of 50 Nigerian Naira (US$0.12). Hamidu, who was left angered after being shortchanged, resorted to violence, and allegedly landed a fatal punch to Musa's chest. The victim immediately fell over and seized before subsequently being declared dead on the spot.

Olayiwola Ogunsolu, who serves as the leader of the Odua People’s Congress (New Era), related that, while he was in the area on Wednesday, March 2, he heard the commotion near the Hausa community and rushed to the spot.

When he reached the scene, he saw the victim on the ground and got wind that the tea seller had killed his customer over the man's refusal to pay in full for a cup of tea. Ogunsolu said that he immediately called the Warewa Police Station and alerted them about the incident.

“We called the DPO of Warewa Police Station and he sent reinforcement. The police later took the suspect away,” he related.

A 17-year-old boy reportedly shot a convenience store employee after an argument ensued between them over a bag of chips. This is a representational image. Photo: Melissa's

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