A teenager who was responsible for stealing a van and then driving it the wrong way resulting in a vehicular accident has been sentenced to six years behind bars.

The suspect was identified as Jack Simpson. His identity was revealed only just now since he is already 16, lifting all reporting restrictions.

It was on June 13 this year when Simpson allegedly stole a van and then drove it the wrong way down a motorway.

As shown in the footage, police could be seen giving chase to Simpson who was driving at speeds of 95 MPH.

The stolen blue Ford Transit van ended up crashing into a taxi that was driven by Sohail Ali along with a passenger named Simon McHugh. Both Ali and McHugh died at the scene.

A third person, Kyden Leadbeater, was also in the stolen van at the time. He died a day later at the hospital.

Simpson pleaded guilty to three counts of death by dangerous driving and one count of dangerous driving. He will spend three years in custody and three years on license.

In court, the mother of McHugh was present and spoke directly to Simpson.

“'I lost my friend and confidant. He is a big loss in my life,” the mother said.

"He (Simpson) is only young, he has time to change. I hope he has a very happy life with children. My son doesn't have a life anymore. Please use it, do some good with your life,” she added.

The incident happened just days before Simpson was set to turn 16. At the time, he was also out on bail and was under a curfew for burglaries, BBC reported.

“Allowing you credit for a guilty plea the sentence on the three offences is one of six years concurrent on each,” Recorder of Bradford Judge Richard Mansell QC stated.

“These sentences will be regarded by many as placing a wholly inadequate value on the lives of Mr Ali, Mr McHugh and Mr Leadbeater," the judge added.

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