María Celeste, Myrka de Llanos, yolanda saldivar intervew
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María Celeste Arrarás returns to Telemundo's "Al Rojo Vivo" to revisit one of the most defining moments of her career and a pivotal chapter in Latin music history: the murder of Selena Quintanilla.

Arrarás, Myrka Dellanos, Lourdes Stephen, and Jessica Carrillo will present translated portions of "Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them," a two part documentary that features the first extensive English-language interview with Selena's killer, Yolanda Saldívar, since her conviction 25 years ago.

The documentary will be broadcast on the cable channels Oxygen True Crime and Telemundo will offer a special version for the Spanish speaking audience. The first part will air on Saturday, February 17th at 7PM/6C.

María Celeste returns after four years

As the pandemic's shadow lingered in August 2020, María Celeste Arrarás bade farewell to 'Al Rojo Vivo', the show she helmed for nearly two decades. Telemundo decided not to renewed her contract, and asked her to leave the company more than a year early.

Since then, Arrarás has focused on giving talks, mentoring, and hosting documentaries and interviews on CNN en español. She has also appeared on different shows on Univision. This week she was also part of the 30th anniversary of 'Primer Impacto,' her first TV show on national TV.

María Celeste and Selena Quintanilla's murder

The Puerto Rican journalist was at the forefront of this story three decades ago, delivering the most sought-after interview with Saldívar on 'Primer Impacto.' This interview not only marked a milestone in her career but also in Hispanic television in the United States.

Arrarás went on to write the best-selling book 'El secreto de Selena,' about the murder investigation. The story was made into a series, which was broadcast in Mexico and the U.S. in 2021. Her involvement now in the Saldívar interview is thus not only appropriate but necessary, bringing her unique perspective and experience to the table.

"I am very grateful to be able to count on Mari for this project. We have spent more than a decade working together, and it still shocks me to hear her talk about that famous interview with Saldívar," said Ricdamis Garcia, Vice President of Entertainment and Content at Telemundo.

"Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them" on Telemundo

The special edition of 'Al Rojo Vivo' promises an exclusive and comprehensive look at this tragic tale of the Selena Quintanilla murder. The Oxygen True Crime documentary will feature interviews with Yolanda and her family, sharing previously undisclosed documents and recordings. It will also include insights from key figures involved in the case, including the hostage negotiator, Corpus Christi Police Department detectives, prosecutors, and journalists covering Selena and Latin culture.

This series, produced by Jupiter Entertainment and Brentwood Communications International, will also cover the investigation following Selena's murder, and Saldívar's close relationship with her.

'Al Rojo Vivo' will offer background and translations. The two programs converge in their exploration of one of the most shocking events in music history; they promise to offer new perspectives and deepen the public's understanding of Selena's enduring legacy and the controversy surrounding her untimely death.

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