Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall is sworn in by then-Chief Burrel Davis of the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee. Facebook/La Vergne Police Department

In a recent federal lawsuit, the Tennessee police officer who was fired for having multiple sex affairs with other officers claims that her department's leaders "sexually groomed" her for the risqué activities.

Maegan Hall, 26, who attributed her shady affairs to a troubled marriage, claims in a 51-page federal lawsuit that she felt exploited and trapped among the all-male La Vergne Police Department ranks.

"Where Ms. Hall sought role models at her new job, she instead found predators," the lawsuit says. "In place of offering professional development, her supervisors and the chief of police groomed her for sexual exploitation.

"They colluded in using their authority to systematically disarm her resistance and entrap her in degrading and abusive sexual relationships, even sharing tips on the best ways to manipulate and exploit her," reports New York Post.

According to the lawsuit, Hall, who had a history of mental illness, "felt trapped" and "in an attempt to escape, she nearly killed herself."

Following the public disclosure of the steamy sexcapades with five other officers, Hall was dismissed from the department in January. Those officers were also fired from the force.

Maegan hall
Ex-Tennessee cop Maegan Hall says she was “sexually groomed” and coerced into randy affairs with several fellow cops at the La Vergne Police Department. Twitter/nypost

During an interview conducted as part of an internal investigation, the young officer admitted she performed sex acts on duty and police property and had a threesome with one cop and his wife during an interview conducted as part of an internal investigation.

The sexual activity was alleged to have included a hot tub party on a houseboat attended by at least three other officers and the sharing of nude photos of Hall and other officers, according to the investigation, the findings of which were included in the suit, reports NBC News.

Hall admitted to the detective that while going through a divorce, she "got stupid" and "got desperate."

Hall, who was 24 when she first applied for a position on the force in 2020, claims in her federal complaint that she first had a sexual relationship with Sgt. Lewis Powell at the beginning of last year.

"Sgt. Powell learned that Ms. Hall was going through the process of buying a home with her husband and that this process was extremely taxing on their relationship," the lawsuit said. "Sgt. Powell positioned himself as a reliable source of companionship and advice regarding Ms. Hall's career and her marriage.

"Sgt. Powell persisted in requests for sex despite Ms. Hall's resistance," it said. "Eventually, Ms. Hall gave in to Sgt. Powell's requests for sexual favors."

Powell allegedly threatened to commit suicide when she attempted to end the relationship, according to her.

Hall said the "exploitative sexual relationship" with Powell led to other sexual encounters involving other La Vergne cops — Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco, Ty McGowan, Juan Lugo-Perez, Gavin Schoeberl and Detective Seneca Shields.

Hall, Powell, McGowan and two other officers were fired in late December, and three others were suspended.

La Vergne Police Chief Burrel "Chip" Davis was also fired earlier this month.

Hall claims the chief "encouraged this behavior and shared in the pornography and sexual fantasy of mutually abusing Ms. Hall with his trusted supervisor, Ty McGowan."

She said Davis once asked her to come into his office to "dance" for him, tried to get her to agree to "lunch dates," and described her clothing as "hot girl summer s–t."

The lawsuit, filed in US District Court in the Middle District of Tennessee, names the city of La Vergne, Powell, McGowan and Davis as defendants.

For lost earnings, medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and "reputational harm," it asks for an unspecified sum in damages.

On Tuesday, a representative for La Vergne declined to speak and informed The Post that the city does not address ongoing legal matters.

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