Authorities said a Tennessee man filed a false claim on Sunday. According to incident records, his neighbors started protesting after he painted a disturbing sign on his roof.

Darrell Chadima is accused of spray-painting "rape kids" on his neighbors' walls. Last week, Chadima placed his home phone number on the roof of his house near Highway 68 and Old Athens Lane.

According to Newsweek, Chadima told police that someone broke into his home. "If [you won't] stop what [you're] doing, [we] would feed [you] to the pigs on their farm," the person said when he woke up.

Captain Mack Williams told NBC affiliate WBIR the sheriff was the one who broke in. As interviewed by detectives, Chadima, on the other hand, declined to identify anybody.

Last year, Chadima claimed a pair of young men beat him up in his own house. He lodged charges but was disappointed with the juvenile court's verdict.

Authorities named the perpetrator after a string of disturbing occurrences, the most recent of which was the signage he erected outside his house. Chadima put up a sign in his yard last month that read "attack men" and included his phone number.

According to other incident reports, Chadima and his neighbours have a regular back-and-forth. Chadima filed a police complaint after his neighbours suspected him of raping a minor and branded him a pedophile.

He's also hung signs on his roof that read "rape your lil girl?" and "rape your boy," as well as painted "rape kids" in big letters.

In another incident, a classmate at a nearby high school said Chadima did not leave the potential victim alone. Chadima called the young person several times after the discussion with the reporting officer, according to the article.

Chadima and the young man traded threats of abuse against each other in messages checked by the cop. Chadima threatened to kill the young man in one email, according to the article, but also suggested that he wanted to have sex with him.

According to the deputy, Chadima claimed that he was not campaigning for or endorsing child rape.

Chadima has not been arrested for the signs because they are on his own house, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

"I've worked a lot of weird cases over the years, but this one is something else," Captain Mack Williams told KHOU.

Mr. Chadima was not identified in any of the department's sex offender lists, according to Williams.

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