Although Mexico couldn’t beat Brazil in Tuesday’s World Cup Match, the 0-0 draw was good enough for the Mexicans, who valued the great effort the national team put on the field. However, after the game, it was one name they were all cheering for: Memo Ochoa. The 28-year-old goalkeeper showed off his skills in majestic, impressive and out-of-this-world saves with fast reflexes that had him jumping in the air and blocking the ball from crossing the line. Memo didn't allow Brazil to cheer a goal as he made save after save, giving México hope that they could actually win the difficult match. 

There were a couple of balls that got very close, but Memo's great reflections and fast-thinking blocked them again saving México. Now all the El Tri fans are calling him a saint, juxtaposing his head on top of a Superman image, illustrating him as a wall, making him a new religious symbol and even postulating him for the Mexican presidency. Celebrities were also very outspoken after the game, praising Memo and even asking him to marry them. Thalía was one of those, and also Andrea Legarreta. Even Gael García Bernal wrote that he loved the goalie. Scroll down to see some of the best celebrity tweets and reactions following the anticipated Brazil Vs. Mexico match.


Thalía posted this picture and she captioned it: "@yosoy8a Marry me!!!" She also added "Great job!"