A scientist who has been imploring Brazilians to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously clings to hope as the country hits 100,000 deaths on Saturday, while another commemorates the lives of those lost in a move to emphasize the pandemic's "human cost."

According to a report, a microbiologist and broadcaster named Natalia Pasternak has been campaigning against President Jair Bolsonaro's response to the pandemic which she described as "chaotic and anti-science." 

For five long months, Pasternak has had a number of TV appearances, live streams and podcasts, and has also written in newspaper columns in a move to enlighten the people of Brazil about the grim realities of the pandemic. After treatments such as chloroquine and ozone therapy were announced, she had openly denounced their effectivity in treating the disease and tirelessly campaigned for Brazil's citizens to remain vigilant and to strictly follow quarantine measures. 

The death toll which rose from 10,000 in early May has now hit 100,000 with over 3 million of its citizens infected. Pasternak expresses her despair and said that Brazil has failed "as a country, as a government and as a society."

She shared the sentiments of other Brazilians who believed that Bolsonaro's complacency has led to the crisis that the country is now entangled in and condemned how the president had overridden containment measures to prevent the virus' spread. She remarked that the current government of Brazil has sadly been "the worst possible leadership at the worst moment possible."

The 43-year old scientist has penned more than 50 articles and has given about 300 interviews in a move to petition the government to implement "decent quarantine measures" which she said could have helped avoid at least half of the current 100,000 deaths giving reference on an Imperial College projection released in March that said urgent action could keep Brazil’s death toll down to 44,000.

While Bolsonaro boasted that the country 'did not do as bad as other countries," Brazil’s weekly rolling average of COVID-19 related deaths has been around 1,000 a day. Still, regions have lifted lockdowns, beaches have been flocked, and social distancing rates have gone downhill.

Rayane Urani who is the moderator of an online memorial called "Inumeráveis" which translates to "countless" has been spreading awareness by commemorating the lives of those who have fallen victim to the disease. "These aren’t just numbers. They were somebody’s dad. Somebody’s mum. Somebody’s love,” said Urani as he shared the ultimate purpose of his website. 

Both Urani and Pasternak remain firm on the belief that that science and awareness paired with proper leadership could have saved a huge part of the country's current and impending death toll. 

Cemetery As of this writing, with a total of 34,021 fatalities, Brazil is the third country with the most deaths from COVID-19. Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash