@james_sandiegoo talks on Latino parties
@james_sandiegoo talks on Latino parties and how he wants to marry a Latina Tik Tok

Latinos are known for pumping up the party, with great party flavors, food, and drinks!

What is not to love about them?

Get yourself a Latino friend and you will see what this Tik Toker is talking about.

@james_sandiegoo posted a Tik Tok video of him explaining the difference between a Latino party and a white party. And what he says is 100% on point!

"Go to a Super Bowl party with white people, the most love that gets poured into this stuff [Food], is the ranch dressing packets," he says in the video. "DONE! It's literally prepared by Costco sponsored premade meals...this is why I'm gonna marry a Latina."

Yes! Marry a Latina if you want great food and get criticized for eating too much of it...oh how we love them.

The comments were HILLARIOUS!

"Well hello there future husband 😂... I can make birria"

"We fatten up our husbands. 😂😂"

"You're so funny!!! And you said it!!! We have everything!!! 😂"

"You'll never go hungry with a Latina. And you'll be so spoiled and loved brother! 💕"

What is your take on Mexican food?

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