A man and his girlfriend were robbed of two watches including a $18,000 Rolex by a gang who fled in a Rolls Royce Sunday in West Hollywood.

The man, a British Lamborghini owner, was filmed screaming "black b*****ds" after the incident, reported Daily Mail. Following the robbery, the unidentified man, who is believed to be drunk, repeatedly screamed the insult as police officers and his girlfriend tried to calm him down.

In a video, a shirtless man with brown hair and a trimmed beard was seen being pulled into the back of a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, in a beige dress and sandals, spoke to cops. The man, who was shirtless with a tattoo on his side reading "UK Made, Cali Paid," could be heard screaming throughout the video.

He apparently used the "n word" at one point and referred to thieves as "black b*****ds." His girlfriend repeatedly told him to calm down and just breathe. In the end of the video, the woman could be seen returning to her Lamborghini. She was in tears.

After the robbery happened in the 8800 block of Sunset Boulevard, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) said that the couple was in their own vehicle when around four to eight suspects approached them. The suspects were in a black Rolls Royce, reported Fox News.

The victims seemed to be intoxicated and were not cooperative with deputies who responded to the scene, LASD Sergeant Joana Warren told Fox 11 Los Angeles. She also shared that one victim suffered minor injuries. The victims did not know the suspects before the robbery and the suspects were not armed, said investigators.

According to Warren, the thieves stole two watches -- a Rolex worth $18,000 and a Michael Kors watch worth $1,000. The suspects have been described as black men wearing dark clothing who fled southbound toward Larrabee Street, and now Los Angeles officials are trying to track them down. Cops are also trying to obtain any surveillance footage from the area where the robbery took place.

Property crimes in Los Angeles have risen 12.3% from last year, while violent crimes increased 7.5%, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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