@ugckatehahn32 shows viewers what she finds during her dumpster diving at PetSmart Tik Tok

A woman posted a video on Tik Tok with her and her friend first-time "dumpster diving." And what she saw inside the dumpster of PetSmart was SHOCKING!

A TikToker who goes by the name of @ugckatehahn32 showed her viewers what she found, a box of fish! The video reached over 6.9 million views.


Found this in the dumpster at my local Petsmart. #dumpsterdiving

♬ original sound - Kate :)

"This is our first time dumpster diving and we just found an entire box of live fish," Kate said while picking up a jar containing one. Throughout the video, she picked up a handful of jars—all filled with both living fish and blue liquid. According to her video's caption, Kate found the fish in the dumpster of a PetSmart in Idaho.

She decided to "dumpster drive" because of stories going around stating that the store tosses away bags full of dog food, collars, leashes, and other things that might be useful - AND who doesn't want FREE things?

The creator did not know what to do and could not take them home as they require special drops, and PetSmart and PetCo were closed doing the time she decided to "dumpster dive."

Kate stumbled across PetSmart employees heading to their cars while they were shocked by their discovery.

She asked the employees about the fish, into which they said, "it was a mistake." One ultimately ended up taking them home.

"I really hope it was a mistake. I hope they take it seriously and whoever made this mistake is let go," Kate said in the video.


Replying to @Chase ↯ Here is the story… comments like these have make me regret my decision, but it felt like the only option. There was no way i could have taken them all.

♬ original sound - Kate :)

But this is not the first time PetSmart has showed their inconsideration towards animals.

In 2021, a content creator discovered a box of hamsters abandoned at a Pennsylvania PetSmart. And in 2015, a Facebook video showing plastic bags full of live fish discarded in a Phoenix-based PetSmart went viral. The treatment of animals prompted PETA to do an investigation into PetSmart.

What is next, a boycott?

Viewers said they planned to boycott the pet store after what the TikToker posted.

PetSmart has been doing this for yearrrrrs. I found an entire colony of hermit crabs back in 2016. 💔

I am never buying at PetSmart again. Terrible ):

As a former employee I can account to this and that was one the reasons I quit

@PetSmart you're done. Finished.

Many users even tagged PetSmart.

Let's see if they reply.

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