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Detectives are investigating a triple homicide in rural Kansas after the bodies of two men and one woman were discovered on a farm a day after friends of the residents called to report a foul smell at the property.

On Monday, the body of an adult female was uncovered in a garage by deputies of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department. After obtaining a search warrant, deputies returned to the home and found the bodies of two men. The bodies were all adults, according to Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards, who called in additional crime scene investigators to cover the large scope of the area.

The farm, just west of Ottawa and about 60 miles southwest of Kansas City, was occupied by Andrew Stout and at least one other roommate, both of whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

Deputies had previously been to the farm on Sunday when three friends of Stout went to the farm to investigate their friend's disappearance. Kortni McGill, of Ottawa, told The Associated Press, that she, Corey Schlotzhauer, 26, and Shona Osladil, 21, went to the home on Sunday when they hadn't heard from their friend for several days. After experiencing a pungent odor emanating from the property, they called the police. Deputies searched the home for approximately 15 minutes before dismissing the smell as garbage and leaving.

It was not until McGill, Schlotzhauer and Osladil returned Monday to further investigate that they discovered a tarp in the garage weighted down with a cinder block.

"I reached down and saw teeth through the square in the cinder block. I said, 'Corey, there's a body here,'" McGill said.

The investigation coincides with the disappearance of a Kansas City mother who went missing with her 18-month-old baby last week. Kailey Bailey, 21, who worked as a security officer at American Eagle Outfitters with Stout, was last seen leaving her mother's house around noon on Wednesday. She did not check in for her overnight shift that evening. Osladil commented on Bailey's relationship with Stout, saying she had intended to drop her baby off there Wednesday.

When McGill searched outside the garage entrance she reported seeing a burn barrel with baby clothes, socks, and a bottle in and around it. No other signs of the missing child have been found.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department has withheld the identity of the victims and the causes of death.

"We are waiting for confirmation that it may or may not be Kaylie," said Olathe Police Sgt. Brad Caldwell. "And once we know, it will determine what direction we go from there."

Caldwell also stated the missing baby does not satisfy criteria for an Amber Alert, since it cannot be confirmed that the child was abducted.

"She left with her mother," he said.


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