The Manny is one of the most watched Netflix shows
The Manny is one of the most watched Netflix shows Official image from Netflix

If you take a gander at the most watched Netflix shows in Mexico you'll find few surprises. There's "Fool Me Once," the hit British limited series that's been viewed over 37 million times globally. There's "Berlin," the "Casa de Papel" spinoff that is riding high on the shoulders of it's huge predecessor. But sitting comfortably at number 2 and ranking in the top 10 for a third consecutive week is the surprise romantic comedy from Mexico titled "The Manny" (El Niñero).

You might think it's a local thing: Mexicans watching Mexican content. But the thing with "The Manny" is that it's ranking in Netflix's Top 10 in over 30 countries. In fact, it's not even only a Latin American thing, as countries like Romania, Israel and Kenya have gotten in on the action as well. So what exactly is it about this show that seems to be striking a nerve all the way to New Caledonia (yeah, New Caledonians are eating this thing up). Let's take a look at three reasons behind it's success.

1. Romcom = comfort food

"The Manny" is not exactly what you would call groundbreaking stuff. In short, it's a love story between an executive, Jimena, and her male nanny, Gabriel, with a series of complications that would make a certain flashy girl from Flushing very proud. However, that's the thing with romantic comedies: the more familiar they feel, the better.

Odds are that the audience for "The Manny" is a bit tired from all the issues of the world and just want to kick back with a tub of popcorn and stream some "will they, won't they" plot with a predictable ending. I know this. You know this. And, most importantly, Netflix knows this. So let's enjoy "The Manny" for what it is.

2. Major star power (and pretty faces) sure help

Sandra Echeverría is the singer/actress best known for her role as twins in the hit show "La Usurpadora." Ivan Amozurrutia is probably best known for his role in the telenovela "Donde Hubo Fuego." They're both very popular on social media. They're both also extremely attractive. So it's no wonder people are losing their collective minds over their steamy chemistry on "The Manny."

The cast is rounded out by Anthony Giuletti, Alexander Tavizon, Cassandra Iturralde and Diana Bovio who bring to life the story with some supporting humor.

3. It has something to say about gender roles

Don't expect an in depth look at gender equality or female empowerment (remember, this comfort food). But "The Manny" does provide a twist to some of the classic elements of the romcom genre. For starters, Jimena (the lead) faces the conflict of having to juggle her family and her career ambition, a very common issue for women in today's society.

Jimena's ex, Joaquín, is also an interesting example of this. Even though he starts out as sort of a villain for leaving Jimena for a new love interest, the show refuses to take an easy route with his character, portraying him as an amazing father for their kids.

No word yet from Netflix on a second season for "The Manny." But judging by the show's enormous popularity, it's just matter of time before they pick it up. Everyone from Mexico to New Caledonia demands it.

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