With the whole royal family worth at least $88 billion and Prince William and Duchess Kate boasting a combined net worth of approximately $40 million, here’s a look at what the three royal children's net worth are.

Prince George ($3.6 Billion)

As William and Kate’s firstborn, George instantly generated money for the British economy with a net worth of around $3.6 billion. This was mostly due to people celebrating his birth by making big purchases in honor of him. Another reason is the “Prince George effect.” Parents around the world sought to buy outfits and toys similar to George’s for their own little kids.

In July 2015, George was included in GQ’s 50 Best-Dressed Men in Britain. George influenced parents and kids with food as well. Parents pushed up a high demand for lentils after George was seen eating them.

Princess Charlotte ($5 Billion)

Charlotte had an even more of an effect than her older brother. The princess' net worth is estimated to be around $5 billion. Experts say it’s because she’s a girl. The princess is often tied with fashion brands, which influenced women in purchasing clothes and accessories. Also, parents are eager to dress their little girls, so they try to emulate Charlotte’s fashion choices with similar outfits.

The “Princess Charlotte effect” started when Kate showed the newborn off wrapped in pure white wool shawl. As a result, the family company who made it reportedly sold thousands of the shawls.

In her christening in July, the vintage Silver Cross pram that carried her to Sandringham reportedly had a similar effect. In 2016, photos of William and Kate with their children on their ski holiday were released. Charlotte was seen wearing adorable pink fleecy shoes along with her ski gear. A day after, the company who made similar shoes reportedly sold 259 pairs of the booty — a 97-percent increase on its usual sales. In the weeks since, it has sold out two sizes of the range.

Prince Louis ($70-$125 Million)

Being the third child of William and Kate, Louis’ net worth isn’t as high as his older siblings. In the first few weeks of his life, Louis generated between $70 million and $125 million for the economy. People weren’t as excited as they were for the two previous births because William and Kate already have a prince and a princess. As the third child, the public didn’t celebrate or spend as much as they did when the first two royal children arrived. Also, Louis being so far from the throne caused him to be worth much less than his siblings.