Three American tourists were found dead under mysterious circumstances in a hotel in the Bahamas on Friday as the local police continue to investigate the case with the U.S. Embassy in the area closely watching the process.

Vincent Chiarella of Birmingham was among the tourists found dead in the Sandals Emerald Bay at Exuma, with his wife Donnis Chiarella found alive at the scene and being airlifted to a medical facility in Florida, according to ABC News.

The resort called emergency services on Friday night after a man was reported to have become unresponsive inside his villa while a couple in a different room were also found to be unresponsive in the hotel.

The day before, some hotel guests were put in a local clinic for some nausea and vomiting. Three of the hotel guests that were found dead were also in the local clinic the day beforehand, while fourth victim Donnis Chiarella reportedly was the only survivor of the incident.

Austin Chiarella, the couple’s son, was called on Friday night by the U.S. Embassy regarding the condition of his parents, who were vacationing in the resort for their anniversary, the New York Post reported.

“She woke up and my dad was laying there on the floor, and she couldn’t move,” he said. “Her legs and arms was swollen and she couldn’t move and she screamed to get someone to come in the door.”

In spite of the cases seemingly being related, many public health officials in the country have said that the incidents are isolated and that there is no health crisis to worry about. One of the guests has suggested that the air conditioning is at fault here, but the police has yet to make a statement regarding this.

“A health emergency was initially reported and following our protocols we immediately alerted emergency medical professionals and relevant local authorities,” the company said in a statement. “Out of respect for the privacy of our guests, we cannot disclose further information at this time.”

The U.S. Embassy says that it is closely monitoring the case to ensure that the investigation goes smoothly.

“The U.S. Embassy was notified immediately of the case on Friday afternoon. Since then we have been working closely with the Bahamian authorities to assist the families in every way we can. Out of respect for the privacy of the individuals and families involved, we have nothing additional to add at this time.”

Three American tourists were found dead in a resort in the Bahamas on Friday, with a fourth victim on life support as the local police investigate the possible causes of the case. This is a representational image. Cory Bjork/Unsplash.

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