A woman was reported dead on Sunday, Oct. 10, after a poorly-secured bungee jumping rope caused her to crash to the ground, with many onlookers horrified at the gruesome sight.

Yevgenia Leontyeva, a 33-year-old woman from Kazakhstan, was reportedly on top of a hotel roof participating in a “rope free-flying” activity, which involved jumping full speed to the ground with only a safety rope in place, when tragedy struck, according to the New York Post.

An experienced jumper, Leontyeva was affixed with a safety harness before she jumped down the building. However, she fell and crashed into the street below as onlookers, including a friend who was to jump after her in the queue, looked down horrified at the sight.

Her safety rope was allegedly not fastened to a tree when Leontyeva took the plunge, with the organizer reportedly only holding her lifeline when she jumped down to her death. She plummeted over 82 feet to the ground, hitting a wall 12 feet away from her.

She was immediately sent to a hospital, where lifesaving emergency procedures were attempted to keep her alive to no avail.

“The patient was operated on,” a local health official said about the incident. “A craniotomy was performed and the removal of the haematoma.”

In spite of the procedures done, the injuries were too severe to save her life. Leontyeva was pronounced dead that very same day.

“Despite the ongoing medical measures, the patient died,” a health official said.

Officials in the government are currently investigating the organizers for negligence behind the incident, though they would only spend 40 days in jail if found guilty of any crime.

Leontyeva is survived by three children.

Rope jumping was pioneered by Dan Osman, a rock climber in the 1990s who died in an accident while doing a free-flying rope stunt that caused him to fall to his death in Yosemite National Park in California, Kitsap Sun reported.

Yevgenia Leontyeva, a 33-year-old Kazakhstan mother of three, was killed in a horrific accident after a "free-flying" rope jump went wrong. This is a representational image. Jeremy Bezanger/Unsplash.

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