During a live performance, a circus big cat tamer was attacked by a tiger and the terrifying incident was caught on video, The Daily Star reported.

In the horrifying video, onlookers can be seen gasping in fear as the tiger sinks its razor-sharp teeth into the keeper, Ivan Orfei, during the performance in Lecce, Italy, on Dec. 29.

At one point in the show, Orfei, 31, was focusing on another animal that was perched on top of a massive metal ring.

The second huge cat jumped on him while he was preoccupied and closed its teeth on his left leg.

Screams from the trainer could be heard as he attempted to break free.

However, the tiger altered course and jumped on his back to attempt to bite his neck, which is how a wild predator would typically kill its live victim while on the hunt.

Ivan was only able to escape when the animal was struck by his show assistant with a prop, distracting the beast long enough for him to limp away.

The circus management spoke about the incident through a statement posted on Facebook.

"Ours is a world made of great love for animals, as Ivan himself demonstrates to the public in his shows," the statement said.

The statement also said that "tigers are fascinating animals, and knowing how to tame and establish them a relationship of trust with man is an art that has been taking place for hundreds of years not only in the circus world."

"However, accidents can happen and the courage shown by those like him who carry out this profession is commendable," the statement continued.

It also mentioned Ivan and his condition.

It said, "Ivan, a very talented professional trainer, was hit by a tiger during the show and fortunately suffered minor injuries and his condition is not a cause for concern."

With injuries that are reportedly significant but non-life-threatening, the man is still being treated at the hospital.

According to local media, an inquiry into the incident is currently underway.

Additionally, it is established that a veterinarian will examine the tiger.

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