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Apparently kicking rocks can earn you millions of views. Or at least that’s the case for the TikTok account @guykickingrock.

Luke Lorraine decided to embark on his rock kicking TikTok documenting journey after hearing from the bassist in his band, Wavy McGrady, that a rock can become a sphere if rolled enough times on a hard surface.

"I was walking to a class a couple weeks after he told me that and just started kicking a rock, and liked it, and wanted to kick it back to my car,” said Lorraine to Insider. “So I picked it up and kept it with me.”

Lorraine decided to test this theory. On Nov. 17, the 22-year-old filmed his first rock kicking video with the words “Kicking a rock while I walk until it turns into a sphere: day 1." He also notes the distance he kicked the rock, what surfaces he kicks the rock on and rolling craziness referring to how hard the rock has rolled.

Since starting in November, the Connecticut native has amassed up to 395,000 followers, 4.4 million likes and millions of views. His first rock kicking TikTok now has 17.9 million views. Each video since has been able to get over 200,000 views within a day of posting.

So far it seems like McGrady’s words to Lorraine may be true. In addition to a rolling craziness rating, Lorraine also has a sphere rating, that shows how much closer the rock is to taking on a spherical shape. On day one, the sphere rating was only two out of 10.


up and at em early today #guykickingrock . the audio is an indie rock song my band and i made i hope you listen and enjoy

♬ Dented Cars - Wavy McGrady

In his latest video on day 20, the rating is now six out of 10, getting Lorraine closer to his goal of creating a smooth sphere. He told Insider he’s not sure how long it’ll take to get there, but he’s willing to continue for as long as it takes.

"I recommend anyone finding a rock and just kicking it while they walk…” said Lorraine to Insider. “… it's good to get moving, clear the mind, and there's no limit to it.”

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