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Users of the popular video sharing app TikTok are warning their followers across other social media platforms to be wary of the current trend leading up to April 24. Seemingly, a group of men have declared April 24 as National Rape Day, where users who are up for the challenge are encouraged to carry out rape and sexual assault.

Utah Democrat Austin Searl has called on TikTok to address the issue and be quick on the trigger to kill the troubling challenge.

Searle, who is looking to unseat Sen. Mike Lee next year, tweeted: "A Group of users started a "National Rape Day" trend on TikTok that declared this will be taking place on April 24th! This is outrageous and forbidden! What is #TikTok going to do about this?"

It is unclear where or how this started, and who is responsible for starting this disturbing trend. According to Louisiana news outlet KTBS, at least six men have posted videos inviting TikTok users to take part in acts of rape, specifically towards women on April 24.

The said videos amassed a variety of reactions and shares which even included likes. Accounts sharing the disturbing content have been deleted as concerned users urged people to flag and report any account promoting this event.

If one is to do a search for #April24th2021 on TikTok, this will bring up results of numerous videos regarding the declared day. Although some users suggest the challenge could just be a joke but many still advised to stay on the side of caution, WGNTV 9 reported.

Should one stumble upon a video on TikTok that promotes any form of violence, just click on the white arrow on the right side of the video. Then, tap the icon with a symbol of a flag that says “report” and choose the best reason from the list provided

Tech Times said many may find it confusing to report videos on TikTok, as there are no buttons seen for that exact purpose nor can one find the three-dot button for a menu. However, a work around for users could be a long-press on the video to toggle a hidden menu where they can Download, Add to Favorites, or Report the Video. Users may include screenshots of the original video as well as include accounts with hashtags and the link to the user which has posted it to the social media platform.

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