Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez relationship rumors remain in the spotlight even after Alex Rodriguez and Lopez’s relationship became public back in 2017. “Bennifer” had been widely supported by fans, and hopes of the supercouple getting back together still make people excited.

Unfortunately, gossip-mongers use this excitement to make headlines, going as far as making stories up and spreading rumors. However, Gossip Cop, a news outlet known for fact checking celebrity rumors, has put an end to all the reports about any sort of Affleck-Lopez relationship.


Back in March 2017, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style — an American celebrity magazine — for a report stating that the two were planning a “secret reunion.” It stretched the rumor as far as reconciliation news. But around the same time, Lopez was already spotted dating Rodriguez.

In the same year, In Touch published rumors of more Affleck and Lopez relationship news. It alleged that he was trying to get the 49-year-old singer back, envious that she was with the former professional baseball shortstop, as she has “always been the love of Ben’s life.” However, Gossip Cop shot the rumors down, stating that its source claimed that such news was “absurd.”


The aforementioned news outlet also debunked a November 2018 article by National Enquirer, an American supermarket tabloid, stating that the 46-year-old actor wanted Lopez back. The tabloid reported that Affleck tried to win her back, attempting to take her away from Rodriguez, during his stay at a rehab center.

Thankfully, Gossip Cop shed light on this matter and brought the truth to the surface. It reported that “The Batman” actor’s rep said that he “was focused on his family with Jennifer Garner, his career and his sobriety, not on Lopez.”


Early January this year, NW claimed that Affleck and Lopez were “in constant contact,” asserting that Lopez’s relationship with the MLB star “hangs by a thread.” This was also proven to be fake news after Lopez and Rodriguez were spotted together at the gym in Miami. Nonetheless, Gossip Cop secured a statement from Affleck’s spokesperson, who reportedly denied the rumor.

In February 2019, false news spread by the tabloid National Enquirer stated that Lopez was pushing Affleck to get back in shape. This was proven false by Gossip Cop after once again reaching out to Affleck’s spokesperson, who merely laughed at the allegations. Although Affleck made news in March 2019 after taking the 10-day challenge that Lopez and Rodriguez took, it was made quite clear that the actor took the diet regimen at his own behest.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck The hot couple are rumored to be back together, but is this true? Getty Images