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Respawn has finally released a new teaser for "Titanfall 2," which reveals that a worldwide announcement for the title will be made on June 12 and that there will also be mech swords in the forthcoming title. Of course, the teaser is light on details only showing a slowly-opening drop pod. We then see the leg of a Titan appear, and then get the sharp electric drop of a mech sword.

EA says "Titanfall 2's" unveiling will happen Sunday, June 12. This will more than likely go down at EA Play, which is the company's E3 replacement media event. While no other details were revealed PlayStation Europe announced gamers will get a gameplay trailer at the June 12 event.

PlayStation Europe tweeted, "Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4. Watch the first teaser trailer before 12 June gameplay reveal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPUKmt5Jkbg …" Check out the tweet below:

Meanwhile, as previously reported lead writer Jesse Stern revealed that the "Titanfall" sequel will have the much-requested feature, a single-player campaign.

Stern told Forbes "Titanfall 2" will take place in a world both scientific and magical, but is still "grounded, dirty, human and real." Stern also revealed Respawn is looking to "deliver a vision of grand global colonial warfare," and retell "the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space."

The original "Titanfall" was released in 2014, but was exclusive to the Xbox platforms. Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella confirmed a sequel was in development last year and would be multiplatform.

Furthermore, According to Polygon a mobile "Titanfall" spinoff game is slated to arrive sometime this year, thanks to Respawn's sister studio Particle City.

"Titanfall 2" will be available on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Check out the Respawn teaser trailer below:

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