“Titans” season 4 premiered without several familiar faces although the door is not entirely shut. Given their current run, it appears that some old fan favorites could be returning in a certain capacity.

“Titans” showrunner Greg Walker was asked about the chances of seeing some old characters return to the fold. Part one of the series is set to wrap up on December 1 with the second part resuming sometime in 2023.

An inquiry was made by a fan on the potential return of characters such as Jason Todd, Donna Troy and Dawn Granger, TV Line reported. The same question was thrown Walker’s way although the showrunner gave a cryptic response instead.

“Yes — but not all three,” Walker responded.

Hence, the guessing game is now on as to who of the three former Titans would be making a return. If one looks back to the “Titans” season 3 finale, the door was left open for the Red Hood, Wonder Girl and Dove to possibly return.

The three characters have followed different paths with Jason headed in a new direction, Dove leaving after Hank Hall’s death and Troy joining ARGUS and now working closely with Roy Harper. As of this writing, Harper has yet to appear onscreen.

Also, other characters have left and have not been back since the second season. They are Rose Wilson and Jericho (the children of Deathstroke).

There is also Barbara Gordon, someone who could appear in an episode or two on “Titans” season 4.

The key here is that anyone of those characters may return but not overcrowd the current cast. This has been observed in the past seasons, a reason why some heroes have been overshadowed by others.

Although the wait is now for the second part of “Titans” season 4, it remains unknown if there will be a “Titans” season 5. Unless Walker and other showrunners find a way to provide equal billing to the mainstays, this will be a big question that will remain up in the air.

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