The fourth season of “Titans” still has no release date although the things to expect are slowly shaping up.

After rumors came out that Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver) would be among the villains for the coming season, first-look photos of the other threats that the “Titans” will be facing have been shared on Twitter.

An image of Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) was shared on social media, showing her off with a red cloak and axe. The post also included concept art for the character's Season 4 costume, designed by Nola Chaters.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the villain, Mother Mayhem or Anna Reisk made her debut on DC Comics in the New Teen Titans Annual Vol. 2 #2 in 1986. The character was created Marv Wolfman and John Byrne.

The villain is a high-ranking member of the Church of Blood, a cult led by Brother Blood. Aside from Mother Mayhem, there were other villains revealed in Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) and Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan).

Back in January, it was already announced that Ambalavanar would be appearing in “Titans” season 4 as Jinx along with Morgan and Potente. The costume design was also revealed, something that was based on The New Teen Titans comics.

Brother Blood and Jinx have already appeared on the Teen Titans animated series, something that aired on Cartoon Network between 2003 and 2006. They also made an appearance in the 2013 spin-off “Teen Titans Go!”

Filming of the fourth season of “Titans” officially wrapped up in September and the plot has yet to be known. But what seems to be clear is that the team will have its hands full with Mother Mayhem, Brother Blood, Jinx and Lex Luthor.

As far as Lex Luthor is concerned showrunner Greg Walker hinted that the threat Luthor poses is largely psychological.

"He has a very sensitive, thoughtful approach to evil and power," Walker said.

Mother Mayhem
Mother Mayhem Photo credit: @DCTitans via Twitter

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