Tito El Bambino
Tito El Bambino was robbed at a gas station in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Reuters

One thing about reggaeton artists is that, although they flash a lot of bling in their videos and may seem like they lead a lavish lifestyle, they’re pretty humble and true to where they came from. They barely go out with an entourage and do their chores on their own. Unfortunately for them, that makes them easier targets for robbers, because when you’re a well-known artist and you’re alone, thugs assume you have a lot of money with you and that you have no one to defend you or outnumber them.

That was the case of Tito El Bambino, 32, who was in Carolina, in the outskirts of San Juan, Puerto Rico pumping gas, when he was a victim of an assault. “I have just been a victim of a robbery in Carolina, in the gas station next to the judicial center,” Tito announced on his Instagram account, according to numerous reports. He said they took from him a set of tools and his wallet and asked for the help of his followers to find who did it.

“If you know of anyone selling construction tools and a LV wallet, I just want my son’s cards that were inside,” Tito, whose real name is Efraín Fines Nevares, said. He asked his fans to not support crime and speak up if they see something or know something. So far no more details of the case have been revealed and it’s not known if he was robbed at gunpoint or not. This is not the first “reggaetonero” who’s been a victim of robbery. Not too long ago, a thief broke into Arcángel’s house, in the metropolitan area of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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