You probably know it as hard seltzer, spiked seltzer, or hard sparkling water, a delicious and refreshing highball drink with an alcohol volume of around 5%, and relatively low-calorie content. This beverage style was invented in 2013, and now its popularity has spiked all across the U.S.

To celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and Dia de Los Muertos, HEINEKEN USA launched a new line of premium Mexican flavored hard seltzers called Canijilla. The seltzers come in two authentic varieties: Mango Picosito, a sweet and spicy mix, and Limón-Pepino, a refreshing blend of cucumber and lime, and will only be available in two locations: McAllen, TX and San Bernardino, CA for a limited time.

This bold seltzer was created in Mexico and comes in refreshing flavors that are authentic to the region. At only 120 calories, Canijilla is lower in calories than leading FMBs and is more flavorful than other hard seltzers.