'A Toda Máquina' Televisa Hosts Fired
The television presenters for "A Toda Máquina" have been fired after a sexual harassment video hoax went viral. Facebook/ATM.SUBALE

Viral content is how you get attention to your local, ratings challenged show and the hosts of Televisa Chihuaha's "A Toda Máquina" (ATM) went a little too far. A video of hosts Tania Reza and Enrique Tovar, went viral after claims of on-air sexual harassment occurred. The pair of presenters were live and reading comments from their viewers when Tovar got a little "handsy" with Reza. The mood turned sour when she had had enough of his unwelcome sexual advances. Tania took off her mic and said "I can't work like this," and walked off the set. Enrique said, "sorry, I think my co-host is a little hormonal," which did not help out the situation. But guess what? Turns out it was all a hoax!

UPDATE: "A Toda Máquina" Hosts Reinstated After Thorough Televisa Investigation!

Human Resources at Televisa investigated the situation and they concluded that they were both in on the joke. They wanted this moment to go viral and spread across social media, as it did. The problem here was that the hosts didn't advise the production that they were doing this "offensive act" and were also taken aback as to what was happening on-air. "Televisa strongly condemns this act and any type of harassment," the network said in a statement. "In conjunction with [ethics code], we inform you that both presenters have been separated from the company."

"We urge Tania Reza that if what happened on the show differs from her original statement to Human Resources, to not have doubts in letting us know so we can support her in the process of filing a formal complaint. At Televisa we take very seriously any form of inappropriate behaviour." We are sure that both hosts did not mean to lose their jobs over, what they claim was a joke, but we guess they got what they wanted in making their bit go viral. Do you think that Televisa made the best decision in firing Tania and Enrique?

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