Top 10 Things More Likely To Kill You Than A Shark [VIDEO]

Shark Week
You are more likely to be killed by a dog than you are a shark.

We all fear the shark. When we step into the ocean we have no idea how close we actually are to a shark. Most shark attacks occur in shallow water, less than 100 feet from the shore, National Geographic says.

With all the hype over Shark Week and all their shark attack-themed shows like "Top Five eaten Alive" and "I Escaped JAWS" you would think being attacked by a shark is as common as being stung by a bee.

This is not necessarily the case. Would you be surprised to learn that you have a better chance of being killed from the flu than you do by a shark? It's true; the chances of a human being killed by shark are One in 37,000. The odds of a human dying from the flu virus are one in 63.

In a single year more sharks are killed by people than the other way around. According to National Geographic only five people die from shark attacks yearly. They then compared that number to the millions of people that die each year from starvation.

Latin Times came up with a list of 10 things you are more likely to be killed by than a shark:

10. Each year in the U.S. 12 high school and/or college football players are killed from injuries related to the sport.

9. Across the world 800,000 people die a year after being bitten by a mosquitoes carrying malaria.

8. Happy New Year? Not for the 24 people that die each year from being hit by flying champagne corks.

7. Cows kill 22 people a year in the U.S.. Old McDonald better watch his back.

6. In Africa 2,900 people are attacked and killed by hippos. Bet you'll never play "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" again.

5. While there is little data on this some say being a lefty will drastically shorten your life span. One website claims 2,500 people die each year from accidents caused when lefties try to use tools made for righties. According to the New York Times on average left-handed people live to 66 years of age. Right-handed people tend to live longer to 75 years old.

4. Vending Machines have claimed 37 lives between 1978 and 1995. That is an average of 2.18 deaths per year. It is more dangerous going to get that 3pm chocolate bar while at work than it is going to the beach.

3. Have you ever been so tired when your alarm clock goes off in the morning that when you reach for it you fall out of bed? Well if you have, you had a near death experience. Each year 450 Americans are killed by falling out of their beds.

2. You are more likely to be killed in a car accident than you are by a shark. In the United States there are 30,000 deaths related to traffic accidents each year.

1.Dogs kill more people in the United States each year than sharks do around the world. Dog attacks kill 30 people each year. No the attacks are not caused only by Pit bulls. The Rottweiler, the husky, basset hounds, beagles and even Labradors have killed human beings.

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