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There are fewer joys in life than being cooped up and watching a fun Christmas movie. Just in case you’re on the lookout for a few fabulous finds to binge-watch this Christmasy weekend, here’s a list of classics that won’t disappoint. They're all on Disney +, so stream away!

1) Frozen 2: The movie isn’t really a Christmas flick as such, but there’s also no denying that this movie— which essays how an adventurous gig translates into a journey of self-discovery—hits the spot. Every single time.

2) Noelle: Well, well, it might not seem like the best idea to watch a Christmas movie where Santa Claus DIES, but the rule breaks with the “Noelle”— a merry flick, which sees Santa's daughter (Anna Kendrick) in search of her older brother (Bill Hader) after he vanishes from North Pole, unable to succumb to the pressures of being a new Santa.

3) The Nightmare Before Christmas: True to its title, this holiday classic features Halloween hero Jack Skellington who brings his macabre sense of celebration to Christmas in a misguided attempt to diversify.

4) Home Alone: In a rather shocking incident of sorts, negligence parents abandon their young son (Macaulay Culkin) to protect himself when a bunch of home invaders intrudes their space.

5) The Santa Clause: As Scott succeeds in helping Santa Clause wade through a Christmas crisis, only to discover that he has inadvertently agreed to become the next Santa Clause. That’s not all. A suspicious ex-wife is lurking in the background just as he tries his best to keep his secret safe.

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