Memorial day drinks
The best way to spice up your Memorial Day is by celebrating with some classic Latino drinks! Check out these top 5 drink recipes that are sure to add some spice to your party!

Christmas is that time of the year when revelry takes over, and it’s only right if you indulge in the merrymaking over delectable glugs and grub. Just in case you wish to include more non-alcoholic beverages to your diet; here’s a list of easy recipes that will certainly not disappoint.

1) Eddie’s Eggnog: Sweet beverages are always in vogue, especially so when it’s Christmas. To prepare this refreshing beverage, you’ll need to stock up on vanilla extract, whipped cream, spiced rum, bourbon and ground nutmeg. This delicious glass of dessert is to not be missed. Get the recipe here.

2) Candy Crush: Let’s get this straight: You are never too old to get a happy high over a tall glass of sparkling juice, topped with gummy bears. Get the recipe here.

3) Sparkling Berry Apple Mocktail: True to its title, this drink is a great party starter. And the best part? This incredibly delicious mocktail requires just three ingredients to make i.e. mixed berry syrup, apple cider, and sparkling water. Get the recipe here.

4) Gingerbread Latte: This non-alcoholic beverage has a very wintery vibe to it. Also, given how gingerbread enhances the flavor of your coffee, this latte is a great addition to your list. Get the recipe here.

5) Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer: Add a special spin to your plain old classic mimosa. The mix of ginger and basil packs a punch in ways more than one. It has a very summery vibe to it, and is best for a brunch or a daytime affair. Get the recipe here.

6) Winter Sangria: Sangria with a twist is what this drink is all about. Be warned, there’s a fresh burst of seasonal flavors like cranberries and cinnamon to the winter sangria. Get the recipe here.

7) White Chocolate Peppermint Mocktini: How about treating your taste buds to some crushed peppermint rim? Here’s a recipe that won’t disappoint! This festive decadence comprises ounces of hot chocolate, white chocolate syrup, peppermint mocha coffee creamer, and crushed peppermints. Get the recipe here.

8) Orange Italian Soda: The fancy title shouldn’t dissuade you from trying this yummy drink at home. You’ll need blood orange syrup, coconut milk, sparkling water. Get the recipe here.

9) Cranberry Fizz: How about a festive fizz at your place, this Christmas? All you’ll require is ginger ale, cranapple juice, cinnamon sugar, and a lemon or lime. Get the recipe here.

10) Raspberry Bubbly: Believe it or not, but this mocktail gets its bubbles from sparkling white grape juice, while frozen raspberries give it an edge in terms of aesthetic. The drink has a fresh fruity flavour to it. Get the recipe here.

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