With Black Friday nearing, customers are gearing up to ensure the best bargains on the first official day of the 2013 holiday shopping season. Although, in the midst of the deals, and sales, there are some items you should steer clear from on Black Friday. Mainly because November 29 is still a solid 3 weeks from Christmas Day, meaning that there is ample time for last minute sales before the big gift-giving day! So despite the lure of Black Friday deals, customers may want to think twice about stuffing their shopping carts with gifts. Certain items will have a lower price after Black Friday, so Latin Times has complied a list of 5 items not to buy on the day after Thanksgiving. For the items listed, customers should hold out as long as possible ensuring the best deals before Christmas.

The first item Black Friday shoppers should avoid is toys! I know, I know, toys are the best part of Christmas, but seriously wait out till the holiday approaches and you will be saving some major cash. While most parents find relief in having all their Christmas shopping done by Black Friday, reports found that the price of Pillow Pets dropped 52% by the third week of December! So if you can hold out till the later dates of December, you will get a serious price cut. Another item, which should be avoided on Black Friday, is top-brand televisions. While most retailers advertise big sales on TVs on Black Friday, don't except these to be top brand names. According to dealnews, brand name TVs will be at their lowest price of the year in late December. Electronic manufacturers tend to clear 2013 stock before revealing 2014 models.

The third item that makes our "don't buy" list is jewelry. We understand that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but the discounts on Black Friday for jewelry are no one's best friend at. With jewelry being a big gift item for the holiday, the discounts are minimal, much similar to those seen at Valentine's Day. Dealnews editor, Lindsay Sakraida says, "This entire category is flagged 'do not buy' for the holiday season." Like jewelry, another item that should be avoided on Black Friday are watches. The price of watches tend to decrease after Black Friday and even Christmas Day. For watches and jewelry, customers will get the best prices in the spring and particularly in the summer. The last item that shoppers should avoid on Black Friday is Christmas decorations. We understand that it is the prime decorating time, which also means that you are going to pay top dollar for your Christmas wreath. Stick to your Thanksgiving decorations until Black Friday, and start to purchase more holiday cheer as Christmas approaches, as the December 25th nears, the price of decorations drops.

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