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The Big Apple's culinary scene is ever expanding as more Venezuelan restaurants open and are becoming more popularized. This is a representational image. Unsplash

New York City has long been a culinary destination for people all over the world. From Jackson Heights to lower Manhattan, the Bronx and beyond, New York has endless options to offer to hungry customers.

With recent waves of immigration in the past couple of years, the culinary scene in New York keeps endlessly expanding and diversifying. This trend has undeniably seen an increase in Venezuelan food taking the spotlight throughout different neighborhoods and boroughs.

From arepas to pabellon criollo, Venezuelan restaurants offer a rich culinary heritage right in the heart of New York.

Discerning foodies in Yelp have rated these vibrant eateries as the best destinations for authentic Venezuelan flavors in the Big Apple, here are some you should check out:

Casa Ora

If you want to eat upscale, fine dining Venezuelan cuisine and enjoy different types of cocktails, then Casa Ora is the right place for you. Located in Brooklyn, Casa Ora offers refined farm to table plates, Spanish comfort food and the nostalgia of a Venezuelan grandma's cozy dishes.

"Caracas de noche is not only a drink, but the vibe that Casa Ora drips off," a reviewer in Yelp said.

Check out their menu here.

Patacon Pisao

As its name suggests, Patacon Pisao is known for its classic "patacon," a dish native to the state of Zulia in Venezuela, a delectable creation featuring a flattened and fried plantains as a base and an array of enticing fillings including meats, cheeses and more. Patacon Pisao has earned a reputation for its flavorful authentic Venezuelan dishes such as arepas, cachapas, empanadas and more.

"I tried this yesterday and got the patacon sandwich with chorizo," a reviewer on Yelp said. "It was plentiful. Honestly after eating this I was so full."

Check out their menu here.

Costas - Arepa Bar

Specializing in the classic Venezuelan dish of Arepas, Costas seeks to connect different cultures, traditions and cuisines from around the world. "In Latin America, while the kind is taco, the queen is the arepa!" is the restaurant's motto.

"I found the reina pepiada arepa enjoyably creamy and goopy as I've come to expect, as it mixes in organic shredded chicken, mayo, lemon, and shallots into an irresistible avocado and cilantro sauce," a Yelper said.

Check out their menu here.

Classic Arepas

Around the corner from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, Classic Arepas brings a wide variety of Venezuelan flavors to the city. They have homemade recipes for the traditional arepas, delicious empanadas and other dishes.

"Boy the arepas here are incredible! So so colorful and delicious," a Yelper said.

Check out their menu here.

Arepas Cafe

From tres leches cakes to arepas of pabellon criollo and guayanesa tropical, arepas cafe offers a welcoming environment in Astoria, Queens.

"The staff here is so lovely, they always make my family and me feel comfortable in their space," a reviewer said.

Check out their place here.

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