If we are really thinking about doing something great in 2017, then you have to start by knowing what foods will be "in" next year. Here are all the details on the food trends that we’ll see everywhere. Start familiarizing with Jackfruit, Charcoal, Seaweed and Turmeric as the top trending ingredients at different chef tables around the world.


Turn Your Jackfruit On

Jackfruit will be one of the first trends to see starting this January. According to experts, this fruit will be your new favorite meat substitute. It's a good source of protein, potassium, calcium, and iron. The seeds can be roasted and eaten, or ground into flour. One of the promises of jackfruit is that, because it grows in tropical and subtropical areas, it’s more optimized for the warmer world that we’re barreling toward, whereas current staple crops like wheat will become harder to grow.

Filipino Food Movement

Believe it or not, native Filipino dishes as lumpia egg rolls, pork belly with pork liver sauce or the famous Filipino pork adobo tamale will be really trending in 2017.

Some of the greatest dishes include arroz caldo and a chicken, ginger, and fish-sauce rice porridge. This gastronomy is also a top trend on the food that will bring you good luck for next year.


According an investigation by Bloombergquint,  vegetables will continue pushing meat right off the table and we are very happy about it. From salt-baked turnip to barbecue-sauced smoked bowl with corn and beans, vegetables keep kicking off in 2017.

Oatmeal and grains

Cereal mashups will be one of the main dishes especially for breakfast. The inclusion of oatmeal and grains to our favorite non-sweet dishes will be one of 2017 most surprising improvements. So, do not shock when you see yogurt meringues and fresh berries along with meat.


As part of the ginger family, Turmeric is an attractive South Asian spice that has been part of different recipes especially Nordic ones throughtout the years. This time, according to Google trends, the Turmeric will be rising and will be part of the culinary world for the future.


Called by many as the new kale. You can do anything with Cauliflower, from gourmet sandwiches to put it as an enhancer for any meat, this veggie is always a great option.


Very present in tapas or simply as a decorative condiment, this sea plant will be not left over anymore since it’s going to be really present during the New Year’s preparations. Besides being part of ramen dishes, this time Latin and Nordic dishes includes the green.


Cooled Red Wine

For those who love adding ice to their red wines, this is going to be your year. As part of the development of the rosé wine obsession, the lighter-bodied “tintos” will be served cooled.


Yes Sir. Charcoal on drinks and food. If you have seen this ingredient on the popular black pizza, then get used to see it on your drinks and desserts too. From black charcoal-coconut ice cream flavor to the pitch-black cocktail, 2017 will be really black…



What’s better than to finish your dinner with dessert. In the next months, prepare yourself for freakshakes everywhere. Adding doughnuts, cake flakes, candies, cookies, flan and even beets to your shakes will be on fleek.

Get ready to eat and tell us what’s your favorite food from the trends for 2017.