Noelia Reacts To Topy Mamery's Death
Noelia accused step-father of abuse and has already reacted to his death in a passive aggressive manner that show she is still hurting. instagram/noeliaofficial

Noelia accused Topy Mamery of molesting her back in 2003 as she was touring México. At the time of the allegations she said that she was exposing the situation, despite of the negative repercussions it would have on her career. Her mother Yolandita Monge sided with her husband Topy and the mother-daughter relationship drifted. With news of Mamery's death, the "Candela" singer has reacted in a passive aggressive form that shows she has not finished healing from the traumatic experience. "May God do what he has to do with each and everyone of us," she told Uforia. "The divine law is just and unique. At the end we all have to confront God and each one of us will have to be accountable for our actions. My heart is in peace. My heart found peace months ago. God has been with me.

Carlos "Topy" Mamery has died at the age of 54. The "Idol Puerto Rico" judge suffered from a massive heart attack and died Tuesday, according to Helga Garcia from Spanish Broadcasting System. The television personality was also an executive at SBS Puerto Rico and he was at his home in Guaynabo when he suffered the attack. According to Dr. Juan Luis Salgado, his wife Yolandita Monge called him and he instructed her how to practice CPR. When paramedics arrived on the scene, there was not much they could do as Mamery did not react. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Mamery is survived by three children, two from a previous marriage and one with Monge.

Earlier this year Topy faced a scandal when photos leaked on TVyNovelas Puerto Rico magazine of him and model Shalimar Rivera. He later addressed the controversy on his show "Lo Sé Todo." "When one has as much time in this business, you learn how to fight battles and I've fought many," he said. "When you respond to these things, you go on a hallway with no end because then comes another one and another one and another one." In the pictures published by the tabloid magazine, Mamery and Rivera were seen kissing, proving he was having an extra-marital affair. Just last month, more pictures surfaced that they were both in fact in a relationship. They all denied the affair, even Monge who told Primera Hora that her marriage with Topy was stable.

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