Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman
Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman are feared dead in Mexico. Facebook

Nine days ago a torched van was found in Sinaloa, Mexico with two burned bodies inside, which remain unidentified. Sinaloa state Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera said the vehicle was registered under the name of Australian traveler Adam Coleman who took the trip with fellow Aussie Dean Lucas. Both 33-year-olds have been missing since November 21, when they were supposed to show up in Guadalajara after getting off a ferry from Baja California.

As their loved ones fear them dead, Lucas’s sister issued a statement on Facebook which read as follows: “My brother Dean and Adam have been travelling for over 15 years, living in countries that lots of people may not consider safe but doing what they love, and following the good waves, and sharing their love of the travelling life with others," she said… “They are NOT naive, they are NOT tourists, they are travellers. This is an absolute tragedy and I see lots of people either blaming the boys or blaming the country. Let's concentrate on the fact that two people are missing and they mean everything to a lot of people.”

While Mexican authorities have not confirmed the identity of the bodies, evidence continues to surface pointing at the tragic possibility that it is in fact them. Lucas and Coleman were both on their way to Guadalajara and the van was found 100 miles south of where they got off from the boat, on route to their destination. In addition, despite the van’s paint burning off, the license plates did mirror those of a Canadian vehicle, where the two had been living.

Lucas’ girlfriend Josie Cox wrote on Facebook that she’d learned he wanted to ask her to marry him before rushing to Mexico to help out in the investigation. “Never felt so alone and useless...on my way to get some answers,” wrote Cox.

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