The United States will witness a total solar eclipse
On April 8, the United States, Mexico, and Canada will witness a total solar eclipse. Freepik

The upcoming total solar eclipse, which will be visible from over a dozen U.S. states on April 8th, is driving a surge in tourism nationwide, with some states anticipating record-breaking levels of travel and spending. Eateries, hotels, and airlines are determined to capitalize on the once-in-decades event.

Texas, anticipated to experience the largest surge in visitors, could gain as much as $285 million in tourism revenues due to the eclipse, Bulent Temel, an assistant professor of practice in economics at UT-San Antonio, told the San Antonio Express- News. He suggested that this event could mark the most profitable 22 minutes in the state's history.

The state of Arkansas, another state in the total solar eclipse's path, is expecting almost 1.5 million tourists, according to projections shared by the Arkansas House of Representatives.

"This is likely going to be the single biggest tourism event we've ever had," Michael Pakko, an economist at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, told the Washington Post. He estimates a statewide windfall of $105 million. "Obviously, it's going to be a short duration, but for that concentrated period of time, it's going to be a very big deal."

Johnson County, Indiana, is forecasting as much as $25 million in extra revenue, while Rochester, New York, expects about $10 million.

A total solar eclipse, where the moon fully obscures the sun for a brief period, is a rare event for most people. New York hasn't witnessed one in 99 years.

A group of friends sharing the 2017 solat total eclipse
A group of friends sharing the 2017 solat total eclipse together, in Madras, Oregon. Adam Smith/Unsplash

The solar eclipse's path is set to enter the United States in Texas and travel through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, as predicted by NASA. Small parts of Tennessee and Michigan will also experience the total solar eclipse, its report added

The agency has shared a comprehensive report detailing the top locations and the timing for viewing the event.

The eclipse, which is expected to last for four minutes and 28 seconds, can be witnessed from any location along the mentioned path. However, even more captivating viewing parties are springing up across the region, ranging from alpaca farms in Texas to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Restaurants and bars are completely booked, as are hotels and campgrounds. Rental cars are already reserved everywhere. Many county emergency agencies are reinforcing security with extra crews stationed at different locations to ensure that 911 calls are answered promptly and that respondents arrive on time.

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