Gran Turismo 6 highlighted its video game release with the dramatic debut of the stunning Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT. Remarkably, Mercedes-Benz is just the beginning as dozens of manufacturers, design houses, and even fashion brands are working with Gran Turismo in this ambitious project. Now, a Toyota Vision Gran Turismo concept is slated to be one of the next car to be revealed in Gran Turismo 6.

Details on the new Toyota Vision GT concept is limited but its profile suggests a wedge-shaped front-engine rear wheel drive sports car. Could this mysterious Vision GT concept be the precursor to the next-generation Toyota Supra?

Earlier this year, Toyota and BMW officially announced a technical alliance in order to deliver exciting vehicles in the near future. Well positioned sources within Toyota have hinted that one of the ambitions of the Toyota-BMW partnership include the return of a proper revival of the Toyota Supra sports car. Toyota first teased the idea back in 2007 when the Toyota FT-HS unveiled at the Detoit Auto Show.

At the time, the FT-HS was designed with a gas-hybrid powertrain that claimed to produce as much as 400 hp. After more than six years, other automakers have already surpassed Toyota with developed products including the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, LaFerrari, Acura NSX, and upcoming hybrid Nissan GT-R. It is now as important as ever for Toyota to introduce a hybrid sports car to reclaim its leadership in hybrid technology.

On Monday, Autoblog reports now suggestion that Toyota is going to bring an all-new Supra concept to the Detroit Auto Show next month that will finally preview a new Supra. The Toyota Vision GT concept will eventually make its digital debut in a future update on Gran Turismo 6. In the mean time, stay tuned as we have more information on the upcoming Toyota Vision GT and Toyota Supra concept in the weeks ahead.