The worldwide success of the Korean zombie flick “Train To Busan” prompted a sequel. Director Yeon Sang-ho confirmed the sequel and shared a few details for the upcoming film.

“Train To Busan” was an unexpected hit, amassing $93 million worldwide and becoming the 11th top-grossing Korean movie of all time. The film was produced out of a $8.5 million budget. The movie premiered in Cannes Film 2016 under the Midnight Screening category.

The film received generous positive reviews. Some praises even came from Hollywood’s best. Director Guillermo del Toro and author Stephen King tweeted their thoughts on the movie.

So it’s no surprise that in 2018, “Train To Busan” director Yeon Sang-ho announced that a “Train To Busan 2” is happening. The sequel film, however, will have a different title. “Train To Busan 2” uses the Korean working title “Bando,” which in English means peninsula.

It makes sense that the English working title is called “Peninsula.” According to the director, the virus has now spread throughout South Korea. So the viewers will definitely meet new characters in a new setting, but it will be the same action-packed zombie film.

The first “Train To Busan” showed the viewers how the zombie apocalypse started and how the characters fought to survive. “Train To Busan 2” will focus on the search for the cure.

As for the cast, nothing is official yet. There are reports claiming that Song Joong-ki is going to be cast as the film’s lead star. Song Joong-ki is known for his television series “Descendants Of the Sun” and “Running Man.” “Train To Busan” main lead Gong Yoo, who played Seok-woo, is rumored to return as a zombie. No other actors were named to join the cast.

Another detail that surfaced is that “Aquaman’s” James Wan will be on board the project, but Wan is reported to produce the remake version of the film. “It” scriptwriter Gary Dauberman is slated to write the script for the remake. The remake is expected to help market “Train To Busan 2” to a wider audience.

“Train To Busan 2” has no official release date yet. According to Yeun Sang-ho’s update last year, the target release is 2020. Filming will start sometime in 2019. At the moment, Sang-ho is working on the screenplay.