Laisha Wilkins is all over Univision, guest hosting on gossip show "Sal y Pimienta" and starring in the primetime telenovela "Tres Veces Ana." Telenovela Spoilers Ahead! It was in this last production that the Mexican actress had to face her fears when a scene called for her to fall to her death. 

Wilkins plays Jennifer on the hit telenovela opposite stars like Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Ramiro Fumazoni. In the drama series, Jennifer is linked to Mariano (Fumazoni), and the two are engaged to get married. There is a small problem though, as Ana Leticia (Boyer) has a weird obsession for her uncle Mariano. She has taken care of clearing up the scene of any women that get close to home. Sadly for Jennifer, that means that she will have to die.

"It was wonderful filming that scene because the special effects, the drones with cameras and the setting where we went to be able to realize what we were shooting for as a sensational experience," Wilkins told LatinTimes exclusively. "I am afraid of heights, but in reality the opportunities to take part in these types of scenes are scarce. When you are involved in a project like this, that has quality and you know the people that will be taking care of you, you can't reject it."

"They hang us from a crane," Wilkins told us about filming the scene. "Angelique and I had to go up about 16 floors. Hung from a crane, they let me fall and as I am falling, the camera is moving with me. I had a back injury a while ago, which is a situation that I continue to face and I have to always take care of. Since then, I get anguished with heights. It was a little complicated but as an actress you enter a moment when you're filming the scene and you forget about everything else. What matters is that the scene turns out well." 

"Tres Veces Ana" airs weeknights at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Univision.