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A top reality TV star from Russia was reportedly found dead in a river in Russia, wearing nothing but underwear on Aug. 13.

The victim was identified as Anastasia Kochervey. The 29-year-old appeared in the Russian Dom-2 reality dating show, a show where one is tasked to build a home while trying to find someone to live in with. An investigation on the matter is being done and there remains no confirmation as to her cause of death.

Kochervey was reported missing earlier in August and the mother of the reality TV star called the attention of authorities.

Police found the body at the St. Petersburg river and confirmed that it was the body of the missing Russian.

“The body of 29-year-old Anastasia was found in the river without clothes,” authorities said in a statement. “The investigators also established from the billing that the phone had been in the Moscow region all this time and was turned on.”

According to Russian Telegram news 112, Kochervey turned to sex work in recent years and was charging as much as £700 per night.

It was also added that the 29-year-old was doing this to raise money to help in the treatment of her mother who had cancer.

"I am not proud of it, but at least I have a living mother and for me this is a gift from God," Kochervey reportedly said in 2018.

However, outlets claim she was getting paid double for sex with strangers. She also pawned some of her items to local pawn shops to raise funds.

Also in 2018, Kochervey was reportedly arrested while buying clothes from a store. She was also allegedly pregnant at the time. Regardless, this did not prevent inmates from beating her up.

She accidentally pushed one of the inmates, resulting in an attack by the latter and another individual.

“I shouted to them that I was pregnant and tried to explain this using gesticulation but they beat me up anyway,” the 29-year-old said about the incident.

Further, it was added that she was forced to sign papers which she did not do so when she was taken into the Turkish prison.

She had around 145,000 followers on Instagram but hadn't posted for more than a year.

Crime Scene
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