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Top theories and predictions about how "True Blood" season 7 will all end. YouTube/HBO/Screenshot

The "True Blood" series finale is finally upon us. It is definitely bitter sweet for all those trubies. On one hand it is good that the show can wrap up the way it wants but on the other it is sad to see it go after so many seasons with your favorite supernatural characters. The big question though is how will it all end? The way episode nine, "Love is to Die," played out left us with a clue on what to expect for episode 10, "Thank You." **SPOILER ALERT!

While Eric is finally cured of that pesky Hep V disease by drinking Sarah Newlin's blood, poor Bill is withering away to nothing and it's only getting worse due to Sookie's fae blood. Sookie discovers what the cure is and begs for Eric's help. Of course he is reluctant at first but comes around but in a surprise twist Bill doesn't want the cure. He would rather die and let Sookie have a chance at an ordinary life without him.

Meanwhile HBO has released a sneak peek clip of the episode which features Sookie talking with Reverend Daniels about a simpler time before vamps, werewolves and witches. Check out the clip below:

Now that we've got some context of what we will see in the final episode of "True Blood" it got us wondering what else can happen. I mean the series is ending forever so the showrunners have to wrap everything up because there is no eighth season to clear up any cliffhangers. Check out these Top 5 predictions and theories of what will happen in the final episode "Thank You."

1. Sookie will let Bill die for a normal life. However, with Eric cured he is still bound to be in her life so she will ultimately end up with the Viking vamp and perhaps leave Bon Temps and travel the world with Eric and Pam.

2. Sookie becomes a vampire/faerie hybrid. In the last episode, "Love is to Die," Mr. Gus asked Eric where Sookie was so he could kill her because she knows about the cure. Perhaps he actually succeeds in killing Sookie and the only way to save her is to turn her. This theory would explain HBO's promo photo of Sookie crying blood.

3. Eric and Pam save the day! With Bill slowly dying from Hep V and Sookie preoccupied with him the only heroes we have left who know about the cure is Pam and Eric. The pair may save the day by tearing Gus apart, obtaining the synthetic cure and killing Sarah Newlin. But knowing the kind of vamps these two are expect them to turn a profit for the cure.

4. Everyone gets a happy ending. Jason and Bridget, Lafayette and James, Arlene and Keith and Holly and Andy.

5. The cast reunites for a something big (at least we think its something big, everyone is dressed up). Many predict it is Bill's funeral but no one is dressed in funeral garb. You can catch a quick glimpse of all the lead cast members gathered together for some reason in the clip above.

The "True Blood" series finale "Thank You" will air on HBO this Sunday Aug. 24 at 9 p.m.., ET.

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