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Trump will head a campaign rally in Doral, Fla. next week, leading some experts to believe he may be giving clues as to who his running mate may be. AFP

Former president and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will head a campaign rally in Doral, Fla. next week, leading some experts to believe he may be rolling out clues as to who his running mate will be ahead of the general elections.

The campaign announced the former President's remarks will focus on policies put in place by the Biden administration, including the high cost of living in the Republican-dominated state. The rally will take place at his Trump National Doral Miami golf club on Tuesday night, and it will likely fuel the rumors over his choice of Sen. Marco Rubio, a Miami native, to be his next Vice President.

The rally is also scheduled to take place just under a week from the start of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where Trump is expected to be confirmed as the GOP's 2024 presidential nominee.

"Florida is a place near and dear to President Trump's heart as his home state. President Trump loves Florida and its people," the campaign said in a statement.

"Florida families are being smothered by high inflation on everyday goods, Biden's weak immigration policies have turned Florida into a border state," the statement continued.

Trump will not be announcing his choice for a running mate at the upcoming Doral rally, two people familiar with the former president's plans told the Miami Herald. Aside from Rubio, Trump is also reportedly considering other high-profile Republicans for the ticket, including Sen. J.D. Vance of Ogio and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum.

Trump's campaign has also distilled rumors on the VP choice, claiming Trump himself is the only one who knows who he will be choosing.

"As President Trump has said himself, the top criteria is selecting a Vice President who is a strong leader who will make a great President for eight years after his next four-year term concludes," said Brian Hughes, Trump's spokesperson. "But anyone telling you they know who or when President Trump will choose his VP is lying unless that person is named Donald J. Trump."

Nevertheless, some political commentators have speculated about the significance, if any, of the rally's location, Newsweek reports.

James Oliphant, a national correspondent for Reuters, wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "Trump will hold a rally in Doral, Fla. on July 9 in Marco Rubio's backyard. Does that mean Rubio is the VP pick? It seems to me that it's never that straightforward."

The rally in Doral comes as Trump and his allies pile on Biden following the president's disappointing performance in the presidential debate last week which underscored concerns over the incumbent's health and ability to serve over the next four years.

Since that appearance, rank-and-file Democrats in Florida have largely stood behind the president, but some lawmakers and donuts have publicly argued that Biden should consider resigning the party's presidential nomination to clear the way for a younger, more energetic candidate to go against Trump.

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