Trump and Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden AFP

The effects of the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle are still being felt and a new Wall Street Journal poll just revealed how it's impacting each candidate's chances among eligible voters.

According to the pollsters, Donald Trump has opened up a 6-point lead over Joe Biden among voters nationally, the widest lead in Journal surveys dating to late 2021 and a considerable increase from the 2-point lead in February.

The new survey began interviewing voters two days after a debate that left Democratic members and voters alike questioning whether Biden is the party's best chance during the 2024 elections. About the debate, the Journal found that:

"Many voters who viewed the debate or heard news of it had a negative reaction. Asked for one word or phrase to describe Biden's performance, more than half offered words such as "abysmal," "embarrassing" or "confused," a reflection of Biden's halting presentation and difficulty at times in recalling words. Less than 10% offered more positive reactions."

In contrast, about half of those surveyed described Trump's presentation in terms such as "bullying" or "untruthful," with about one-third giving a positive assessment. One in three independents said the debate made them more likely to vote for Trump

"The poll leaves little doubt that last week's debate has weighed on the president's image" said the Journal, citing that 80% of those polled say that Joe Biden is too old to run for a second term, a massive 7-point increase from the February survey. Overall, Some 34% now view the president in a favorable light, a low mark in Journal surveys, with 63% viewing him unfavorably. Less than 40% approve of his handling of inflation, immigration, the economy or his office overall.

Discontent, nevertheless, is not reserved for Biden, as the survey found widespread discontent with both candidates. Nearly half of voters say they would replace both men on the ballot if they could and 53% say they aren't enthusiastic about anyone running for president.

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