Donald Trump.
Donald Trump. Creative Commons

Donald Trump is again the hot topic around social media, technically he always is.

And what did he do this time? He promised fans free food then left after without paying.

Trump visited a Cuban restaurant in Miami called Versailles after his arraignment. He was arraigned on 37 charges, which 31 were under the Espionage Act.

Fans were waiting for him and were excited to share his 77th birthday.

But unfortunately, fans were disappointed after he promised "free food" to everyone and then left without paying, according to online sources.

It was not long after his actions were posted on social media.

@JoJoFromJerz shared her thoughts about his actions

Although this sparked a viral conversation on his actions in the political point of view, this sparked a different discussion for a man in the Latino community.

"This hits home," Joshua Castillo said. "I know this seems silly and makes no sense, but it makes sense to me."

Joshua grew up in "the system" where he was "tossed" around everywhere from family to family.

"People used to always promise me things and not go through with it," he said. "And that is exactly what he did, he promised some people free food and did not go through with it. What if he promised food for someone that has not eaten all day or was on their last dollar? What happens to the reputation of the restaurant? It's Cuban, it's Latino...Hispanic, now this restaurant is just going to be known as that Hispanic restaurant that Trump bailed on. We [Latinos] don't need any more negativity."

Joshua says that it's not "that deep" but if you look at it in different perspectives you can see how his actions can have different affections.

"It's just the 'what if's' that get me thinking," he added.

As of Trump, what is expected next?

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