Tulio and Maria Ayala
Tulio and Maria Ayala left their kids home alone for a week to go to a nearby hotel and work out their marital issues. Suffolk County Police Dept.

A Long Island couple left their four kids home alone for almost a week with no food and heat, according to authorities. Tulio Ayala, 34, and Maria Ayala, 31, were charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor after their kids, ages 15, 13, 8 and 4 were left unsupervised with barely any food or heat at the home, forcing them to use a small space heater and the kitchen oven to stay warm in the freezing temperatures.

The parents were allegedly staying at a nearby hotel. It was the officials from the Central Islip Public Schools that notified police when it became evident that the children were unsupervised. However, the Ayalas have a different story. “We were having marital problems, and so I told my mom, ‘I’ll be back in a few days -- can you watch them?’ And you know, she said she was fine with it,” Tulio Ayala told CBS New York outside court after being arraigned and released.

“I left them with money in my own house, and she lives in the basement and everything, so they were not unattended.” The Ayalas said they left their children $100, food stamps and space heaters with his mom, but she eventually backed out. “She never called or attempted to text me, and said look, ‘I don’t want to watch them,’” Tulio Ayala said. “I would have come home.”

“I have been a good parent for 15 years with them,” Tulio Ayala continued. His wife, Maria added, “I’m very upset. I just can’t stand how family can do this to you.” Police said the children were not harmed and were released in the care of a relative. The Ayalas said they will fight to get their children back.

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