Twitter has launched a Night Mode feature on its official Android app, but there seems to be a problem when it comes to its functionality.

On Tuesday, Twitter announced that the feature has arrived on the Android OS via its official account on its website, reported TechCrunch

“Now on Android! Turn on night mode to Tweet in the dark,” read the post which was accompanied by a GIF that shows how to switch on the feature and a link to its FAQ page

Twitter stated on its FAQ page that though the feature is available to Android OS versions 2.3 and above, only version 4.1 and the newer updates will be able to use the full version of the feature. Aside from the Android OS, the Night Mode feature was also launched on Kindle Fire and B&N Nooks. Sadly, Twitter has not launched the feature on Apple’s iOS app.

The Night Mode feature is beneficial to users who use their smartphones in bed as it lessens the straining of the eyes in the dark, according to Android Authority. When Night Mode is switched on, the white background of the app turns dark blue, while the black text turns white. 

Though the light-on-dark display adjustment is proven to be healthier to the eyes, it is disappointing to know that Twitter’s Night Mode is not beneficial to the smartphone. According to Android Headlines, because Twitter chose the dark blue tone for the background instead of plain black, the feature does not conserve battery life especially in smartphones with AMOLED displays.  

Despite pointing the problem with Twitter’s new feature, the tech site still lauded the social-networking company for releasing a feature that does not require one to update the Android app.

The Night Mode feature is automatically embedded into the Twitter app, so users can access it through the slide-out menu. The best part about the feature is, it can be used for a more comfortable tweeting experience not only at night, but also at any time of the day.