Hunter Biden was confirmed as one of the guest speakers at Tulane University earlier this week, and Twitter users could not understand why he was fit for the position.

The son of President Joe Biden will join the lineup of guest speakers for a 10-week course on "Media Polarization" and "cancel culture" this summer.

The course, titled "Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts," is described as focusing on "the current state of the media landscape in the US and how media polarization, fake news and the economics of the new business impact public policymaking in Washington D.C," reported Fox News.

The guest lineup also includes former White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Deborah Birx along with many columnists and a political analyst.

Rep. Lauren Boebert [R-Colo.] was among those who didn't like to see Hunter's name on the list. "Perhaps Hunter Biden’s class at Tulane will be about how to skirt around gun laws? It’s a subject he has a great deal of experience in," she tweeted about Hunter, who is better known for his drug, sex and legal scandals.

One Twitter user wrote, "Daddy Biden got Hunter another job he is NOT qualified for, teaching a class at desperate Tulane on fake media. Will he discuss the fake media that only worships Daddy and calls everything racist at both CNN and MSNBC."

Another wrote, "@Tulane I think it speaks volumes when a University shuts off their comments when they hire a Rapist, a Child molester/trafficker so their Donors cannot comment on their disgusting decision to hire this rapist ... Hunter Biden."

Another commented, "So I hear hunter biden got a job teaching at Tulane university well is that who these colleges hire to teach our kids creeps like that crooked criminals ,womanizing college dropouts who got kicked out of the army I don't want to send my kid to these colleges if I had one."

In the past few weeks, Hunter shocked many when he was asked about the controversial laptop that was talk of the town in the final weeks of the 2020 presidential election. He said the laptop containing emails that revealed his business dealings in Ukraine and China, could “certainly” have been his.

He also shared it could have been stolen or hacked by Russia as part of a misinformation campaign. “Whether or not somebody has my laptop, whether or not it was, I was hacked, whether or not there exists a laptop at all, I truly don’t know,” Hunter said.

After Joe Biden won the presidency, Hunter shared that the federal government was investigating his overseas business dealings, according to New York Post.

Hunter Biden Hunter Biden (C), President-elect Joe Biden's son, and other family members attend a farewell ceremony at the Major Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III National Guard/Reserve Center January 19, 2021 in New Castle, Delaware. The reserve center is named for Beau Biden, Joe Biden’s oldest child and who served as attorney general of Delaware and a major in the state’s National Guard before dying of brain cancer at the age of 46 in 2015. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images