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Cops in Australia reportedly searching for a missing person turned into an ugly affair with about six people ending up shot at a remote property per reports.

Of the six people who were fatally injured, two were reportedly police officers, BBC reported. A search was ongoing in Wiembilla at the time, about 270 kilometers west of Brisbane, Queensland when they were fired upon.

In the aftermath, three suspects were fatally shot by authorities. A motive has yet to be officially announced.

For Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, it was a heartbreaking day in Australia.

It was narrated how four police officers initially went into the property on Monday, Dec. 12, following a request from the New South Wales police.

However, shot dead were constables Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow as both were approaching the property. A third officer escaped with a bullet graze while a fourth escaped without physical injury.

Also dead from the shooting was Alan Dare. The neighbor was allegedly killed by the suspects as the 58-year-old went into the property to investigate.

The siege went on for hours before two suspects, a man and a woman, were shot by specially trained officers, authorities said.

One of the fatally shot victims was identified as Nathaniel Train. The 46-year-old was reportedly a former school principal and also the missing person police were told to check on, The Guardian reported.

The others were his brother Gareth Train, 47, and Gareth's wife Stacey Train, 45, who co-owned the property.

"Those officers did not stand a chance. The fact that two got out alive is a miracle," Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll stated.

The deaths will be investigated by the coroner and the police response will be examined by the force's ethical standards command, in line with standard practice.

According to Carroll, it was an "unimaginable tragedy" and the force's largest loss of life in a single incident in many years.

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