Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullete apology video
Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullete apology video Tik Tok

A TikTok user whose video about mean girls recently went viral said that the women have apologized.

It's been more than a week since TikTok user @jackielabonita's clip went viral and collected more than 48 million views, reported Insider.

The clip showed the influencer posing for photos at a baseball game. As for the two women, they laughed and imitated her a few rows behind. At one point, one of the women starts recording and calls the influencer "lame."

The audio dubbed over the video said that the influencer wanted to cry. She also added "mean girl vibes" and "meangirls" in the video's hashtags.

In a new video shot last weekend, @jackielabonita updated her followers about the aftermath.

She said that after meeting with the two women, they hashed out the situation.

The influencer shared that she forgave the two women, and said that she "hopes this experience makes us more aware of each other's feelings and more empathetic towards one another."

Earlier, she opposed the online harassment the two women faced after the first video went viral.

Some of the social media users even tried to locate and dox the women, which refers to publishing private information about a person.

The influencer said that it's become clear that "bullying doesn't just stop in childhood or teenage years, but it can follow you into adulthood – and that's a little concerning."

She noted that even though her feelings were "hurt that night, there was no need for more hurt."

She added that the families of the two women "do not deserve hurt," and that she did "not condone the threats."

She has turned off the comments to the video, but it has been shared all over TikTok

Among various angry reactions, one user said that they were "hurt" at seeing women "being mean" to other women.

Another told the influencer that she was beautiful and the two women were in the wrong.

Rapper Cardi B also commented, saying that she would "put that ring to use." It seemed like she was referring to the chunky jewelry the influencer was wearing on her fingers.

The two women defended themselves in a now-deleted video and spoke about the "false accusations," as per New York Post.

The women -- Liz and Alondra -- said that when they sat down, there was an older man recording them which made them "very uncomfortable."

They said that the "flicking off was aimed toward the camera because her husband had been recording her over maybe 5 to 10 minutes, which continued to make us uncomfortable."

They said that they did acknowledge that their "behavior was inappropriate, but keep in mind any woman at a public area would feel harassed."

They noted that they were not bullying the influencer and there was nothing they said that "could mess up her self-esteem," and added, "Yes we had a laugh, so what."

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